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Smiling With Sabrina- City Flea 2015

Newsflash–  I have a VERY talented little sister.  I say little, she’s in her mid-20s.  But dang, the girl has skill galore.  Even though she moved to Chicago for her dream job last month, she is coming back to participate as a vendor in the Cincinnati City Flea on Saturday.   Her shop is called Smiling with Sabrina, and will feature her new collection called Little Chefs and Little Grocers.   I painted her display for her this week…it was a boring gray, and I gave it new life with some white paint. However, the rest of the magic is all her.  These are all her creations…felt food that looks so real.  All kids, regardless of gender or age…LOVE playing kitchen.  These creations take that experience out of this world!  My children were gifted everything you see below from their fabulous Auntie Sabrina a few years ago, and it has resulted in HOURS (days, months, years…) of entertainment!  Now, all of these “foods” (and more!) will be available for sale in her new shop!

A Little Hello

Welcome to Finding Purpose!  I’m so glad you are here, and hope that your visits to my site will become a regular part of your life. I believe in doing things with purpose.  Knowing that we are only given so many hours in a day, and so many days in our precious lifetimes, why not make the most of every moment?  It is with this mentality that I live my life, and with this mentality that I encourage my children and husband.  In our family, we work…HARD.  And we play…HARD.  We laugh, we have fun together- often in the most simple moments, we enjoy favorite recipes, we create and make our home a reflection of the life we lead…and love. I’m excited to start this blogging journey- to share our projects, ideas, recipes, kid-friendly activities, and inspirations; to capture these moments of a lifetime that moves by so fast; to live out the purpose of my life and inspire others to do the same.  Thanks for reading, and please feel free to join me on …