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Master Bedroom Makeover- Part 3 (Curtains!)

I’m continuing on with our Master Bedroom Makeover update today.  In case you missed it, here are Part 1 (painting furniture) and Part 2 (DIY headboard).  After sanding, priming, and painting two of the three large pieces of furniture in our bedroom, plus stripping down the hardware and repainting it as well, I was quite ready for a different aspect of this bedroom redo!  I decided to let the last piece of furniture sit for a little while, and instead switched gears to some of the sewing items I had in mind for this new space. I looked at LOTS of options as far as fabric was concerned.  Looking at fabric sometimes consumes me.  I think I spent the better part of one entire afternoon browsing online.  I kept coming back to a pattern called Manchester Premier Navy by Premier Prints.  I ended up ordering it online from .  (I really like this site!  If you spend $35 or more, you get free shipping!  I needed 6 yards of fabric, so I qualified.)

Mudroom Organizational Bench- Part 1

Today’s post is one that I’m very excited to share with you!  I was recently asked to help design a mudroom organizational bench for one of my very favorite people!  My cousin, Kristina, had purchased a white bench seat and matching white shelf, and she wanted to incorporate them together into one functional piece for her mudroom.  As soon as she mentioned the words “organization” and “bead board” I was in…but really just getting to spend time with her was enough.  (I mean really, we had way more laughs inside Home Depot than is normal I’m sure!) The first step in this project was to create a cushioned top for the bench.  I knew I wanted to use foam and adhere it to a piece of wood with my staple gun.  Kristina had fabric in mind, so after a quick trip to JoAnn’s to get the foam we were in business.  This project was SO EASY!

Simple Guide to Making Curtains with Grommets

Grommets give curtains such a custom, expensive feel.  I decided to make my own curtains for the new house mostly because the fabric options were endless, but also because I had lots of custom sized windows to deal with.  For whatever reason, grommets SCARED me.  I felt like they looked so complicated, and well…custom.  Luckily, I had my very brave sister Sabrina along for the ride on this project, and she convinced me that we should give them a try! I fell in love with and purchased this dreamy fabric from JoAnn’s many months before I actually started on these curtains.  Finally, I set aside a day for curtain sewing day.  In all, I had 8 (yes, count them EIGHT) panels to make for our living room/kitchen area.  This included small panels over our kitchen sink, four panels for our bay window in the kitchen, and two panels for our sliding glass door in the living room.  We used clips to hang the sets in the kitchen, but opted for grommets in the living room. …

Pillow Making 101 (Including my secret tip!!)

Let’s talk about pillows- decorative pillows.  Anyone besides me think they are RIDICULOUSLY expensive?!?  And they just have a way of sucking you in with their beautiful prints and colors.  You know what I’m talking about…Target, Home Goods… I have good news…making pillows is SUPER easy.   Like, I got a sewing machine for Christmas about 5 years ago and finally used it for the second time (true story) easy.  And guess what else?  Making pillows doesn’t cost much money, so when you get tired of that print that was so beautiful last season, you can make a new set! I’m going to let you in on a little secret about this cute little anchor pillow…it was a placemat.  Yup.  I saw these cloth anchor placemats at TJ Maxx and immediately pictured them as throw pillows.  The pack of 4 placemats was $10, so I bought it and went searching for the perfect fabric.  I found a yard of denim fabric on clearance at Michaels for two bucks, and that was more than enough to …