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Cincinnati’s Bargains and Buyouts

This is a sponsored post, but my opinions are always my own! I’ve been wanting to visit Bargains and Buyouts in Cincinnati ever since I first read about it on my friend Sarah’s blog.  She raved about the deals she was able to score, and her pictures showed a great variety of styles and furniture items for sale.  I finally got my chance this past weekend, when I was invited for a blogger event at their Western Hills store. What really struck me the most was the heart of the owners behind this company.  In our conversation with them, it was evident that they love serving their customers.  They want to make shoppers happy, and really go out of their way to make that happen.  For those that have spent any time at all reading this blog, you know that I truly value that others first mindset!  I love when I find organizations that are truly trying to do good, and Bargains and Buyouts is surely that.  I can’t wait to share the details of …

The Secret is Kindness- Pass it On!

This is one of those posts that I didn’t mean to write.  Instead, it sort of wrote itself.  If you usually visit looking for a quick recipe or fun DIY transformation, check back soon.  If you could use a little positive thinking or inspiration today, then read on. I’ve been a little extra emotional lately.  You see, I’m about to embark on a new adventure.  With this adventure, I’m feeling all the emotions.  The excitement of something new.  The sadness over leaving something else behind.  The natural fear of “can I do it?”. 

An Evening at IKEA West Chester

I was recently invited to attend a Blogger Event at IKEA West Chester.  Ironically, the brand new IKEA catalog had arrived in my mailbox that very same day.  Needless to say, I could not make that commute up I-75 fast enough to get to the event! I’ve loved IKEA for as long as I can remember, but after this event I found even more reasons to love them.  The focus of the new IKEA catalog is on real people and giving them the freedom (with design, with cooking) to do what makes them happy.  I love that, and I found myself noticing so many similarities in these core values of IKEA, and what I strive to accomplish on this site. During the event, I got to experience many new (and definitely new to me) aspects of the IKEA West Chester store.  I wish I could share every single detail of the night, but I picked out some favorites to focus on today.  

Why I’m Loving BeachBody OnDemand (A non-coach review!)

When it comes to diet and exercise, it seems I’ve tried it all in my quest to build and maintain the healthiest version of myself.  I’ve had successes, failures, fallen off the wagon at times, gained pounds back, had months of laziness, worked really hard, and everything in between.  I’ve had gym memberships, tried running programs (and completed two Flying Pig half marathons in the process!), counted steps with my Fitbit.  But I’ve always found myself coming back to one thing… After the birth of my first child, my husband couldn’t wait to get me to try the crazy new program that he and his firehouse buddies were using.  It was called P90X, and despite an uncomfortable experience at first (something called Ab Ripper X is not a great idea 6 weeks after a c-section), I was hooked. Fast forward a couple of years, and I was in need of a new routine.  A friend raved about the new workout by Shaun T, called T25 and I decided to go for it.  Just like I …

Finding Purpose Blog

Boy, does it feel good to be writing this post.  I’m not sure if you have noticed or not, but it’s been quiet around here for a couple of months.  We’ve had our hands full around here with wrapping up the school year, a family health scare, and just needing to take a minute to regroup and breathe. I’ve also taken this little break to put some thought into what exactly I want this little space of the web to be.  I have to be REALLY HONEST- it’s hard, if not impossible, to share new repurposed furniture projects weekly.  I often found myself feeling guilty for not posting constantly, but also know that it’s not a reality for me to be able to paint furniture on a weekly basis while still living my life. Going forward, this little blog will be called Finding Purpose Blog.  I’ve been working behind the scenes on the technical stuff, and it seems everything is ready for me to move forward.  You’ll still find occasional DIY/repurposing projects, but also lots …

Those Resolution Things (Setting Intentional Goals for the New Year)

I’m just going to say it:  I don’t really believe in setting “New Year’s Resolutions”.  There, now you know the truth. However, when my 6-year-old came home from first grade this week with his New Year Resolution paper filled out, my heart melted into a little puddle on the kitchen floor.  Adorable. His resolutions?  “I will practice bowling.” and “I will practice workout.”  (Story behind these statements- we recently got a playstation and his little sister has been kicking his rear in bowling.  Little Mr. Competitive doesn’t like that too much.  In other news, my husband and I have been trying to get in shape…hence the working out.  It’s amazing to me how much kids pick up on.)

The Perfectionism Bug (And How to Cure it)

Have you noticed that I haven’t been posting on this dear blog of mine quite so much lately?  Some of my absence has to do with the holidays and purposefully focusing my time and attention on my family .  Some of it has to do with being overwhelmed with the tasks on my plate in this season of life (and working through how to make it all happen).  But some of it…some of it is because I’ve been afraid.  Afraid I won’t be perfect. I’ve been bit by the perfectionism bug. This is not a new experience for me; I’ve struggled with perfectionism my entire life.  I’ve always been hard on myself, and always set the bar high.  I’m strong, and tough, and…not perfect.  Not perfect.  Not. Perfect.

How to Plan Your Way to a Successful 2016

Anyone who knows me at all knows that I love all things organization.  And when it comes to organizational tools, my love of planners runs deep.  I was the kid in school who loved filling out my agenda (there was even a special satisfaction of writing the words “no homework” for various subjects throughout the day).  When I started college I went back to my alma matter high school and purchased the planner I was so accustomed to using.  There have even been times in my life when I’ve used multiple planners (school, personal, business…) that I kept coordinated.  I’ve tried MANY variations of planners out there, and in pure desperation a few years ago even attempted to make my own custom planner.  It was okay…but wasn’t perfect, and really wasn’t worth the HOURS and HOURS it took to create. Then, I stumbled onto the Passion Planner.  This is in no way a sponsored post; instead, this is me sharing a real product that has helped me to have the best year of my life. …

Merry Christmas From Finding Purpose Furniture!

Wishing you and yours a Merry Christmas filled with family time and memory-making.  Use this season of love and giving to be the good you want to see in this world, and then continue that goodness into the New Year. Thank you for your support of this blog; whether you have stopped by once, or read every post…I appreciate you!  Looking forward to sharing lots more projects and inspiration in the coming days, months and years!

Furniture Painting 101: The Tools

This post includes affiliate links.  I would never recommend a product that I haven’t personally used and loved.  When I started this blog, I was hopeful that I would inspire others to begin DIY or repurposing projects of their very own.  I’m really excited to report that it must be working!  I’ve been having quite a few people reach out to me asking for tips and suggestions as they embark on their very own projects. Many of the questions stem around painting; specifically painting furniture.  What type of paint to use?  What type of primer?  Do you really have to sand?  Where do you start?  What if you mess up?  How many coats?  Sanding…really?! I thought it would be helpful for many of my readers to begin a series on Furniture Painting.  My hope is that this will be a resource for those interested in painting furniture, kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanities, or other pieces.  I’ve mentioned all of these specific products, as well as general tips, in many of my other posts.  However, I’ll do …