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Home Decor Using Travel Keepsakes, Part 2

Last time, I talked about how we used keepsakes from recent travels to create simple decor around the house.  In case you missed it, you can get caught up here.  I can’t stand clutter, so finding ways to incorporate “souvenirs” into our home decor without making it feel like we have too much stuff can be challenging. Today I’m going to share my FAVORITE way to incorporate these memories, but not necessarily the stuff.  The memories are what really matter anyways, right?! Do I really need two buckets of seashells?  Nope.  A shot glass listing the places we’ve been.  Nope (well, in another lifetime…maybe 😉  ).  But a picture that captures the joy on my daughter’s face when she is buried in sand up to her neck.  Absolutely.  How about the pride when Brady reaches down and picks up his first sand crab during our traditional crab hunt?  You betcha.  And those landscapes…sunsets, mountains, images of the beautiful places we have been in this precious lifetime?  For sure.

Sea Glass and Seashells: Simple Home Decor using Travel Keepsakes

We returned home from an impromptu beach trip about a month ago, and ever since I’ve had everything coastal-inspired on my mind.  Today I wanted to share how I took our beach keepsakes and turned them into simple decor that doesn’t feel like clutter in our house. One of our favorite things to do on the beach is to go shell hunting.  We went out to the end of the island at low tide and collected lots and lots of shells.  I’m not exaggerating when I say we had two buckets full of shells.  I knew we could not bring that many shells home, so I let each of my children pick 10 “special” shells to bring home. They took this task very seriously, and I love the creative ways they saw the shells they selected.  For example, Brady brought home a shell that looks like a dinosaur bone, and another that resembles a fish.  Addy just had to bring home her clear-colored “sea glass”…aka a piece of a broken beer bottle that has been …

Explore Kentucky: Evan’s Orchard

I’ve decided to add a new section to the blog, which I’ve titled Explore.  Expect to find unique experiences, beautiful locations, and little-known places to explore in this section.  As a true Kentucky girl at heart, I decided to start with a hometown spot. Evan’s Orchard is located in Georgetown, Kentucky and it is a must on the fall season to do list in my family.  We discovered this little gem about 4 years ago, when Addy was only a few months old, and have returned for at least one visit a year ever since.  Although fall is the perfect time to visit, Evan’s Orchard is open throughout the spring and summer as well.  I recall one particular summer visit…it was probably the hottest day of the summer, but my kiddos and I and their favorite Aunt Sabrina spent the ENTIRE day there.  Really, we got the first parking spot of the day and then closed them up at night too.  Want to totally wear your kids out?  Let them spend a day at Evan’s …