Who I Am:
Hi!  I’m Jessica.  I am a wife, mother, sister, daughter, teacher, creator.  I love the color turquoise, bead board, color- coding, label making, planning and organization.  I love making lists, and the satisfaction of crossing things off when complete.  I love a good challenge, and I love when my vision of a project turns out even better in real life.

What I’m About:
Using What We Have:
I love the challenge of repurposing a worn out and forgotten item into a new beauty.

Creating Items that Serve a Purpose:
I’m always looking for ways to simplify life’s routines.  Creating organizational items and systems help keep my family on track, so we can spend more time enjoying life and each other.

Creating, Making, Designing:
After years of schooling and becoming a mom, I had forgotten the things that I love; creating and design.  Building, sewing, painting, cooking, crafting make me feel alive and give me purpose.

Involving my Kids:
My kids love “projecting”- we make things together, I let them create on their own, and I’m always on the search for kid-friendly recipes and project ideas.

Decorating with Meaning:
I like my space not only to feel pretty and inviting, but also to hold meaning.  This means using pictures I’ve taken or candid shots of our family, incorporating quotes and verses that inspire and motivate, or pieces I’ve created.

Staying True to My Kentucky Roots:
I’m a Kentucky girl; born and bred.  I love everything about our bluegrass state and love to share Kentucky beauty whenever I can.


  1. Lisa Raterman says

    I really enjoy reading about your journey and your passion to repurpose furniture and such.

  2. Lisa Raterman says

    I really enjoy reading about your journey and your passion to repurpose furniture and such.

    • JessCoplen says

      Thank you Lisa! Lots more where that came from…hope you keep reading!

  3. Kaitlyn says

    Jessica, this is so exciting! It’s so great to see your passion come to life. 🙂 Keep up the great work! Your blog looks great!

  4. Kaitlyn says

    You mentioned incorporating inspirational quotes – if you ever decide to tackle painting words with stencils or freestyle with just a paintbrush, I’d love tips!

    • JessCoplen says

      Working on that very soon!!!! I have a pile of reclaimed wood just calling my name. I’ll definitely create a post about it!

      • I’ve got a tip for you both! Not sure where you might find one, Kaitlyn, but, you could try laser-cutting stencils at the Cincinnati Public Library for free, Jessica! I can show you how to create stencils using a free program called, Inkscape. Then you can cut anything you can draw or type on the computer! Wahooooooo!

        • JessCoplen says

          You are a genius!!!! Thank you for this suggestion! And yes, please show me how to use Inkscape!

    • Whoops, Kaitlyn – not sure if you get a notification for the reply I posted to Jessica below…wanted to be sure you saw it! There might be a makerspace in Charlotte with a laser-cutter you could use!

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