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“Colour Your World” with Velvet Finishes

This is a sponsored post, but my thoughts and opinions are always my own!

I’m coming out of blog hibernation today to share my entry for the November edition of the Fab Furniture Flippin’ Contest.  With things feeling extra hectic lately (new job adjustments, kid’s activities, prep for the holidays, life in general…), it was nice to take an afternoon to do a little painting project.

The November contest was sponsored by none other than Velvet Finishes, a brand I’ve been wanting to try for quite a while.  Velvet Finishes is a  NO sand, NO prime, NO chalk, NO wax furniture paint formula!!!  Did you catch all that?  Basically it’s paint heaven in a little jar.  Not to mention, one look at the color chart and you will want them all.  These colors are gorgeous and definitely on-trend.

Once I finally settled on my colors, I was ready to go.  I picked the gray shade Moody and the blue called Modern.

"Colour Your World" with Velvet Finishes

I decided my piece would be the twin to this end table that I refinished over the summer.  Since we use these tables in two different rooms because of the room layouts, I had a fresh canvas to have some fun with.

When I refinished the first of these tables over the summer, I spent HOURS outside using a de-glosser and scrapping off all the gunk to get rid of the shine.  Typically I sand, but the curves of this piece made it really tough to get in the nooks and crannies.

Enter Velvet Finishes.  They have a product called Ready that replaces the need for sanding or de-glossing!  It’s simply a spray bottle (non-toxic, safe to use indoors) that you spray onto your project, wait a few minutes, and then wipe off.  It worked like MAGIC.  It was a matter of minutes before my table was ready for it’s first coat of paint.

Like a total blogging slacker, I forgot to take a before picture (thinking I had one in my previous post…but you get the idea of what I was dealing with here…).  For the record, I think these pictures make the table look extra shiny and the gray much more blue than it appears in real life.

"Colour Your World" with Velvet Finishes

"Colour Your World" with Velvet Finishes

The paint itself was gorgeous, easy to work with, and dried super fast.  Also, the label mentioned that it wouldn’t show paint strokes, so that you could basically just slap it on.  I was skeptical at first, but quickly found out it was true.  This paint dries PERFECTLY.

"Colour Your World" with Velvet Finishes

I did two coats of paint on the table and drawer, then followed up with Velvet Finishes Protect. This product is a non-yellowing polyurethane for extra protection that was applied on top once the paint was completely dry.

"Colour Your World" with Velvet Finishes

Just for fun, I opted to add some fun lining to the inside of the drawer.  I used a sheet of scrapbook paper and modge podge to adhere to the drawer.  I like the fun pop of color!

"Colour Your World" with Velvet Finishes

I was impressed with just how quickly this entire project was completed.  When I say I did it in an afternoon, I must admit it was a very short afternoon.  When I think about the length of a typical project of this size, I feel like using Velvet Finishes probably cut my time in HALF.  Wow.  I can’t reiterate enough that anyone who has been contemplating a DIY painting project but has been putting it off because of the work or time commitment…THIS IS THE ROUTE TO GO!

And just like that, that’s a wrap on this month’s contest.

"Colour Your World" with Velvet Finishes

"Colour Your World" with Velvet Finishes

To see all the entries in this month’s contest, and to vote on your favorite, be sure to check out the hosts’ projects at Sweet Tea Refinishing and Fern Avenue.

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For any bloggers who might be interested in participating in future contests, please email for more information!

"Colour Your World" with Velvet Finishes


  1. Mary Beth Cunningham says

    what color did you use or did you mix colors? I’m thinking of using VF for my kitchen cabinets and also don’t know how to figure out how much I need…

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