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Cincinnati’s Bargains and Buyouts

This is a sponsored post, but my opinions are always my own!

I’ve been wanting to visit Bargains and Buyouts in Cincinnati ever since I first read about it on my friend Sarah’s blog.  She raved about the deals she was able to score, and her pictures showed a great variety of styles and furniture items for sale.  I finally got my chance this past weekend, when I was invited for a blogger event at their Western Hills store.

Cincinnati's Bargains and Buyouts

What really struck me the most was the heart of the owners behind this company.  In our conversation with them, it was evident that they love serving their customers.  They want to make shoppers happy, and really go out of their way to make that happen.  For those that have spent any time at all reading this blog, you know that I truly value that others first mindset!  I love when I find organizations that are truly trying to do good, and Bargains and Buyouts is surely that.  I can’t wait to share the details of my day with you!  

When we were free to browse the store, I felt like a kid just released into their favorite playground!  I didn’t know where to look first!  It took quite a while to make it all around the store and I’m certain I still didn’t get to take in every single item that was available!

I really liked this industrial console table and considered bringing it home with me.  I probably would have if I had been certain it would fit in the space I was picturing it in.

Bargains and Buyouts Cincinnati

I loved these navy blue chairs, but again wasn’t sure where I would place them in my home.

Bargains and Buyouts Cincinnati

I must have had navy on the mind, because I also fell hard for this navy tufted ottoman.  If it had been a little more narrow, I would have brought it home to put at the end of our bed.

Bargains and Buyouts Cincinnati

There were lots and lots of stools and chairs available for $119 for a set.  So many different styles available and I liked so many of them.  These rustic stools were so cool!

Bargains and Buyouts Cincinnati

This whole room display was pretty much perfection in my eyes.

Bargains and Buyouts Cincinnati

Towards the front of the store there were some smaller items, like these great little wood baskets.  I had to take one home with me!

Bargains and Buyouts Cincinnati

I thought this black framed mirror would look really fabulous long ways over a couch.

Bargains and Buyouts Cincinnati

Finally, I spotted this piece.  I’m assuming it’s meant to be a tv stand that would be mounted to the wall.  I noticed that under the slanted piece on the right side there was a built-in outlet and a plug in for 2 USB ports and I was SOLD!  This piece is solid and heavy, and it was marked at 50% off the listed price of $49, so I walked out of the store with it for only $24!!  Amazing!

Bargains and Buyouts Cincinnati

I definitely had a great first experience at Bargains and Buyouts!  Coming soon….I’ll be sharing a list of TIPS for shopping at Bargains and Buyouts.  You will want to study up before you head out for your first trip!


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    will be watching for your tips!!!!! I love those rustic bar stools!!!!!!!!!!!!

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