Month: September 2016

The Secret is Kindness- Pass it On!

This is one of those posts that I didn’t mean to write.  Instead, it sort of wrote itself.  If you usually visit looking for a quick recipe or fun DIY transformation, check back soon.  If you could use a little positive thinking or inspiration today, then read on. I’ve been a little extra emotional lately.  You see, I’m about to embark on a new adventure.  With this adventure, I’m feeling all the emotions.  The excitement of something new.  The sadness over leaving something else behind.  The natural fear of “can I do it?”. 

Four-Ingredient Strawberry Jam Puff Pastry (Plus a Simple Icing Recipe!)

I had the rare opportunity to hostess a Girls’ Night in my home for some of my closest friends recently, and this recipe turned out so wonderfully that I just had to share.  I think these Strawberry Jam Puff Pastries would be just perfect for a morning brunch, or as a sweet treat for any get together.  They out looking beautiful and like you picked them up at a local bakery.   Would you believe they only required only FOUR ingredients???!!!  That’s my kind of baking!