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Cutest Little Push Pins Around!

Last week, we transformed our ugly, brown cork boards into art personalized with fabric.  In case you missed it, you can catch up here.  Addy and I decided that her board needed just a little something extra, so we set out to make the cutest little push pins around!

I broke out my stash of “pretties”…I had a selection that included decorative scrapbooking brads, old buttons, and pieces that were meant for jewelry-making that I’ve picked up in the clearance section at Hobby Lobby.  You can see some of the items in the picture below.

Addy was so excited to get to help with this project.  She’s a helper, that’s for sure.  She spends most of her days by her momma’s side.  I’m going to miss our conversations during the day now that she is starting kindergarten and I’m back to teaching full-time.

Cutest Little Push Pins

We found that the flat push pins (thumb tacks…whatever!) worked best.  Also, some have rounded edges and others flat.  You definitely want to use the FLAT version for this project.  We had some push pins with a plastic coating on them and picked that off to get to the bare metal as well.

As far as the decorative elements, I had to get creative in how to make sure we had flat bottoms to work with.  If you can find pieces with flat backs to start with, I would go that route!  With the brads I was able to cut the pointy-metal part off and they worked relatively well.

We used Tacky Glue to attach our baubles to the push pins.  It was so fun to see Addy’s excitement in picking out which treasures she wanted to use.

Here’s our final selection!  How fun!  This was a great little project using items we had around the house!

Cutest Little Push Pins



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