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What I Did With Recycled Puzzle Pieces

Lately, I’ve felt some conflicting feelings from the two separate sides of my personality.  You see, I’m an organized-neat freak/ repurposing-hoarder.   Say that ten times fast.

The majority of my personality likes simplicity, order, organization, and the “less is more” mentality.  But, there is this sneaky dark side that I sometimes hear murmuring…”But what if you need this scrap wood?”…”foam padding is expensive…you should save the scraps”…”these random items could come in really handy for an xyz project…”.  The next thing I know, my basement looks like a fire hazard and our guest bedroom is fit for no guest at all.

To this end, I’ve tried to become very mindful of what I save for repurposing projects.  That extra foam padding…heck yes I saved it (and it saved me probably $50 in supplies on this mudroom bench cushion!).  Some other project leftovers I’ve been letting go.  And, I haven’t been saving every single piece of everything that could come in handy some day.

For example, this ABC puzzle set.  This little wood puzzle has traveled from one house to another with us, and somewhere along the way a couple of letters were lost.  Since we have multiple puzzles and have been trying to clean out our playroom and pass some things on, it was time to let this puzzle go.  I knew that it didn’t even have a future as a donation, because who wants half an alphabet puzzle?!  

Here’s what I did.  I picked out the letters to spell Brady.  (He’s lucky because of the single use of each letter, Addison was not so fortunate this time!)  I was also able to salvage the pieces for our last name.

Name Sign from Recycled Puzzle Pieces

Name Sign from Recycled Puzzle Pieces

I used some Rustoluem spray paint in Flat Antique Nickel I had on hand to give them the metallic-silver look.

Name Sign from Recycled Puzzle Pieces

I had this little wooden box that needed a little something.  I stained it with Minwax stain in Dark Walnut.

What I Did With Recycled Puzzle Pieces

Once it was good and dry, I used some industrial strength adhesive to attach the puzzle piece letters to the side of the box.  I let the letters dry overnight. (You can see below that I went a little glue heavy.  This is one of those a little goes a long way type of glues…I seem to have forgotten that fact!)

What I Did With Recycled Puzzle PiecesWhat I Did With Recycled Puzzle Pieces

We are using this little box to corral books, art supplies, and whatever else seems to clutter Brady’s room.  Since he’s now a big second grader, we are getting ready to build a desk, and I think this will be a great addition to that space!  Now, I feel like that little puzzle did not go to waste!

What I Did With Recycled Puzzle Pieces


  1. Jessica K. says

    I love this simple but super useful project! And I think it will look great on his desk! Keep these hoarder organizing ideas coming because I could sure use more too!

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