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Low Calorie Fruity Drinks

We’ve spent a lot of time on our boat this summer, which means I’ve experimented with making different adult beverages.  As much as I’ve tried, I’m just not a beer drinker.  Nope, can’t stand it.    What’s even worse than that, if I were to pick my favorite alcoholic beverage on the planet, it would be something fruity, and complicated, and probably with more calories than a full meal.  You know, a mudslide or a pina colada or a lava flow.

Since we don’t exactly have access to a blender while on the boat, and since I do try to limit my calorie intake to a degree, I’ve searched high and low for the perfect drink.  I’ve in love with this recipe because it’s low calorie and it tastes amazing!  It’s also simple to make, even when we are on the boat!

Low Calorie Fruity Drinks

Here’s what you need:
Crystal Light liquid
fresh limes

Place a couple of lime wedges in the bottom of a glass (I like to use my knock off Yeti that I shared about here!).  Next is the vodka…I use a very mathematical formula of pouring as I count to four.  (In explaining this, I can’t help but think of that one episode of Friends when Ross stays in the spray tan booth for too long while counting, “One Mississippi…”!!)

It’s really just to your taste preference, but I tried to take a picture of what I typically use!

Low Calorie Fruity Drinks

I then fill the cup with water, and then give a couple of good squeezes of the Crystal Light flavoring.  Give it a good stir and add some ice, and you are all set!

Low Calorie Fruity Drinks

So far, I’ve used Cherry Limeade and Tropical Coconut flavors.  Generic store brands seem to work just as well too.  I did learn that if you are using the Mio brand flavoring, it takes quite a bit MORE to make the drink taste good!

Low Calorie Fruity Drinks

There you have it…a simple, fruity, and low calorie drink.  Whether you are drinking it somewhere on a boat, or sipping it on your back porch…I hope you enjoy!

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