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Frosted Glass for Bathroom Window Privacy

Honest Moment:  This project was 100% Brandon.  He came up with the idea and executed it while I was shopping at IKEA last weekend.  Props to him, because this method was EASY (well, so he reported to me) as well as AFFORDABLE!

We have two corner windows in our master bathroom that have had zero privacy up until this point.  Although no one could technically easily see in, I still wanted to add the comfort of privacy glass.

My initial thought was to buy frosted window film and apply it to the windows.  You can see a great tutorial of this method on the beloved Young House Love site.  We planned to go this route…except…our windows are HUGE.  It would have cost around $50 in the film to cover the two bathroom windows.

Instead, Brandon came home with a Plan B.  He bought a couple of cans of Rustoluem Frosted Glass spray.  To be honest, I was skeptical.  I thought this solution was too good to be true.


Brandon tested the spray out on one of the basement windows, and it worked great!  I gave him the go ahead to spray the bathroom windows.

He washed the windows well, and then taped off the outside edges, and went to town with the spray.  It didn’t even take one whole can, and we now have the privacy I’ve been wanting!  This is definitely one DIY I wish we would have thought to do long ago.

Would I use this method to frost the glass inserts surrounding our front door?  No…probably not.  But for a window upstairs that is rarely used?  Absolutely!

DIY Frosted Glass Mirrors

Brandon also installed the curved curtain rod that I purchased at IKEA for the space.  I’ve found that this is the most affordable option when you need a curved rod for corner or bay windows.  Curtains coming soon!

DIY Frosted Glass Mirrors


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