Month: March 2016

More Updates: Creating a Kid Friendly Bathroom

A few weeks ago, I posted about the updates we had done to the kids’ bathroom upstairs.  We painted the walls, added new hardware, and ripped down the old, plain mirror.  The room was off to a great start, but my very favorite parts are the ones I get to show off today. One important thing to note about my sweet hubby…he likes to act.  IMMEDIATELY.  I know it’s a good quality, and one I should be thankful for.  But sometimes I need time to think things through.  Well…I mentioned wanting to change up the mirror in here, which ended in him going upstairs and ripping the huge mirror off the wall “just to see what would happen”.  By the time I walked upstairs, this was the scene…

Mix and Match: Playroom Seating Solutions

This is a sponsored post, but my thoughts and opinions are always my own! Another month, another Fab Furniture Flippin’ Contest entry to reveal.  This month, we were challenged to Mix and Match in this contest sponsored by Fairfield World.  Fairfield World is an online retailer of batting, interfacing, foam…everything fillers and pillows!  They have a great selection of brands and products available. I knew this would be the perfect opportunity to create some fun, simple seating in our playroom. I wanted to create a floor pouf for each of my kiddos, and then decided to throw in some oversized pillows for floor lounging as well. I ordered two bags of this bean bag filler from Fairfield World, and selected two different prints for the poufs.  The best part is that I was able to make each of these poufs with only 1 yard of fabric!  I feel like this is quite the accomplishment!

Frosted Glass for Bathroom Window Privacy

Honest Moment:  This project was 100% Brandon.  He came up with the idea and executed it while I was shopping at IKEA last weekend.  Props to him, because this method was EASY (well, so he reported to me) as well as AFFORDABLE! We have two corner windows in our master bathroom that have had zero privacy up until this point.  Although no one could technically easily see in, I still wanted to add the comfort of privacy glass. My initial thought was to buy frosted window film and apply it to the windows.  You can see a great tutorial of this method on the beloved Young House Love site.  We planned to go this route…except…our windows are HUGE.  It would have cost around $50 in the film to cover the two bathroom windows. Instead, Brandon came home with a Plan B. 

DIY Artwork Hanging Clips

What a busy season it has been!  So many things happening behind the scenes that I hope I can share with you all very soon.  In the meantime, I have a fun DIY project for hanging artwork that could be adapted for any space. We have a couple of pretty great little artists living in our household, and one of my favorite ways to decorate is with their pictures and sweet notes.  We installed an IKEA wire in the playroom shortly after moving in.  However…my lovelies (who are really, truly darn good kids most of the time) decided to try to zipline on the wire.  Yes.  Zipline.  Our Addy has always been little, but that “zipline” couldn’t even hold her weight.  Imagine the scene:  the wire pulled completely out of the wall, along with plaster.  It was a complete mess. We patched that disaster, and then eventually did a switch-a-roo and the former playroom became my new office (swapping the orange paint for a more calm gray).  I wanted a new way to display the kids’ …