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How to Plan Your Way to a Successful 2016

How to Plan Your Way to Success

Anyone who knows me at all knows that I love all things organization.  And when it comes to organizational tools, my love of planners runs deep.  I was the kid in school who loved filling out my agenda (there was even a special satisfaction of writing the words “no homework” for various subjects throughout the day).  When I started college I went back to my alma matter high school and purchased the planner I was so accustomed to using.  There have even been times in my life when I’ve used multiple planners (school, personal, business…) that I kept coordinated.  I’ve tried MANY variations of planners out there, and in pure desperation a few years ago even attempted to make my own custom planner.  It was okay…but wasn’t perfect, and really wasn’t worth the HOURS and HOURS it took to create.

Then, I stumbled onto the Passion Planner.  This is in no way a sponsored post; instead, this is me sharing a real product that has helped me to have the best year of my life.

How to Plan Your Way to Success

I love this planner for many reasons.  I love the well-planned page design; I love the ample space to write down all my lists, dreams and goals; I love the compact size that fits in my purse; I love the heart of the company that stands behind the product.  But more than anything else, I love the goal behind the Passion Planner.  Have big dreams?  Or want to have big dreams?  The Passion Planner helps you to get it all out on paper.  (Yes, paper!  Who would have thought?!  I’m sure there is an app out there somewhere, but I still swear by planning on paper!!)

In the front pages of the Passion Planner are tips on dreaming big, setting goals, and then breaking it all down into achievable steps in your road to success.  This isn’t a “set it and forget it” approach.  Those goals you set in January…you will revisit them each month, reflecting on your progress and deciding how to move forward.  This constant reminder is great at helping to prioritize day to day to help reach those goals.

I love that in looking back through the pages of my 2015 Passion Planner, I can see it all, a snapshot of my year.  The successes, failures, highs and lows, goals attained and goals that are still “in progress”.  Family events, milestone moments, career successes, health reminders, reflections, notes of gratitude…all there in one place.

I’m sharing pictures from inside my 2015 Passion Planner.  I have to be honest, this feels very personal.  It doesn’t get much more real than this.  In truth, I’m nervous that my planner pages will look inadequate.  It’s not perfect- no fancy handwriting or cute-sy illustrations.  In fact, most of the notes are quick, scribbled in an instant before I forgot, real life.

So without further ado…here a peek inside my Passion Planner:

The inside cover of my Passion Planner holds my favorite quotes, reminders of why I’m pushing on when the days get tough.

How to Plan Your Way to Success

The full-spread month pages also give room to add project lists and make important notes about the month.

How to Plan Your Way to Success

The weekly pages help me plan my days, track the most important things to do in a given week, set my focus for the week, write my to-do lists, and plan blog posts.  My favorite part?  The “Good Things that Happened” box…it’s really amazing how many good things happen when you are actually looking for them. 🙂  Inspirational quotes are included each week as well.

How to Plan Your Way to Success

The back of this planner includes lots of blank pages…both blank and grid-marked.  I use these pages for larger projects, notes, etc.  (This is where I kept track of what everyone was bringing for Thanksgiving dinner at our house, Christmas shopping lists, notes from conferences, etc.)  Since I always have my planner with me, everything I could need is handy whenever I think of something to add to my lists!  Here is my Home DIY Project list, as well as the planning of my blog design..

How to Plan Your Way to Success

Are you intrigued by what you see here?  Here is the COOLEST part about Passion Planner:  you can visit their website and download all these pages for FREE!  Can you believe that?!?  Pretty awesome if you ask me.  If you want to try them out before committing to the planner, it’s a great way to see if this planner will work for you.  I’m pretty confident that within a week or so you will be ready to order a Passion Planner of your own!  (I might be speaking from experience…!)

How to Plan Your Way to Success

Here’s to making 2016 the very best year yet.  Plan your work, work your plan, and achieve those big dreams that are on your heart!

How to Plan Your Way to Success



  1. So cool. Your photographs look very nice by the way. And hahaha, I just bought my new colored pens for my new planner! It’s not a Passion Planner, although I love the blank pages in yours. I have to supplement with a notebook your Mom bought me a couple years ago for blank pages. 🙂 I’m already getting more done the past couple of days… my planner last year was boring and didn’t work well for me. It makes a HUGE difference for me to have a good planner. Benjamin came home today to the house almost vacuumed, dinner almost ready, kids bathed and in PJs, toys put away, clothes folded (this is so rare – I’m not bragging, I just found a good planner). He was like, “Wow, you’re really ready to start the new year fresh, huh?” I think I just love fresh notebooks…

    • Thanks, Kaitlyn! I agree that a good planner makes all the difference! I love that yours has made you so motivated! And I hear you on fresh notebooks, office supplies, etc…

  2. Brenna says

    Jess, woman, some portion of our brain is identical because I freaking love this! All of it. Crazy coincidence- I learned about Passion Planner earlier this year and asked my mom for one for Christmas. Can’t wait for it to get here! I got the blue (gold was already sold out). Which size are you using?

    • That is pure craziness!! We really are pretty much identical. You will LOVE your Passion Planner!! I have the boring black one because I ordered it before they introduced the blue/gold options. I use the smaller “compact” size. Love it.

  3. AShley says

    I completely agree!!! I literally write in mine ALL the time!!!!!! My MIL got me the Erin Condren planner for christmas and i am pumped since my other was tearing 🙁 I am guilty of all the colored pens too, and stickers, highlighters and whatever else I can find 🙂

  4. I’ve never heard of the Passion Planner, but what a cool idea! Found you through the Home Decor and More link party 🙂

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