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Finishing Touches- TV Stand

I’ve been reflecting recently and have come to the realization that I fear finishing what I’ve started.  This might sound really silly, but I’ve realized that the perfectionist in me doesn’t like to totally commit to finishing something.  I have found that I’m in the habit of working really hard towards an end goal, sometimes even pushing myself to extremes (spending 8 hours in a day painting in the garage, just to get the last coat on a piece?  building a headboard and painting an accent wall in the same afternoon?).  But, when the finish line is in sight, I stop.  Why, right before I complete the finishing touches, do I put things on hold?

I think it’s because I want the outcome to be perfect when complete, so I hold back until I know that I have it completely right.  And to a degree, this is okay and probably a good habit.  The problem arises when I look around, and see lots of almost but not quite finish projects around my house.  Does anyone else out there have this problem?!

So, I’ve decided to make it my goal this month to “finish what I’ve started” in terms of projects around the house.  You will probably notice some pieces I’ve highlighted and blogged about here, finally COMPLETELY finished in the following weeks.  I’m excited to get these things off my to do list, but also push myself to finish before always moving on to something new.

Today, I’m going to share one of the very first pieces that I repurposed and blogged about back in July…the repurposed baby dresser.  This piece is near and dear to my heart, because it was the project that made me realize how much potential there can be in an outdated or no longer functional piece.  It also showed me how much I need these creative moments in my life- painting, sewing, making, writing.  This dresser was what set this whole journey in motion, and in 3 short months my life is already richer because of it.

Baby Dresser Turned TV Stand- Before

Enough with the sappy, here is what I ended up doing with the repurposed baby dresser.  My initial plan was to make it into a console table for the entryway to our home.  But, it was just too large and overpowering for that space.  So then came plan B, and it sat in a corner of our living room for a couple of months.  It really wasn’t serving any specific purpose, until one day my husband took it upon himself to move it and utilize it as a TV stand in the living room.  Again, it sat in this fashion for another month or so.  I knew I needed decorative baskets to finish off the look and for necessary added storage, but I could not find just quite what I envisioned.  I was indecisive, didn’t want to spend a ton of money, and just could not commit to finishing this project.

This weekend, fed up and determined to finish this piece one and for all, I headed out on a shopping adventure.  After scouring the aisles at HomeGoods, Target, and Kohls, I finally settled on these baskets.  Low and behold, I’ve completed this project.  Even though I think the stand is a little high and not quite wide enough for the TV (hubby loves it and he is the tv watching guru of the house), I love that the baskets on top provide storage space for dvds, remotes, and such, and that we can store blankets or pillows in the large basket on the bottom.

Baby Dresser Repurposed Into TV Stand

Baby Dresser Repurposed into TV Stand

So happy to check this item off my to do list!  A good friend of mine is known for her saying, “Finishing strong is a learned skill.”  I think there is so much truth in this.  I’m going to focus on honing this skill during the month of October.  Anyone else willing to join me?  What projects need to be finished in your house?!

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