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Mudroom Organizational Bench- Part 2

DIY Mudroom Organizational Bench

The mudroom organizational bench I helped Kristina design is now complete!  (If you missed Part 1 of this project where I created the bench seat cushion, you can find it here.)

The rest of this build was pretty simple; it was really just a matter of connecting the existing pieces that Kristina had purchased.  She had the bench seat, and the hanging shelf already, so we simply measured and cut bead board for the backing.  We also cut bead board to fit inside the shelves, as they were originally open and exposed the wall.  We touched up with a little paint, used super duper Command strips (the velcro style ROCK!) to hang the bead board, and were ready to go!

DIY Mudroom Organizational Bench

Here’s my advice from this project.  When working with small areas and touch up paint– save yourself the headache and use a small paintbrush.  I usually borrow from my kiddos art supplies when I need a tiny paintbrush!

I love the finished look this simple hack gave to this bench!  It will serve as the perfect drop spot for this busy family, with plenty of room to hang and store everyday items.  Working on this project for her made me want to revamp our laundry room “collect all” area!  It’s typically what I call a “shoe explosion” and drives me crazy.  Putting that on “the list”…

What suggestions do you have for organizing this space in your home?  I’d love to hear your tips of how you keep your family’s essentials within reach, yet organized!



  1. Kristina says

    Thank you for all of your help!! I’m already planning more projects in my mind. 🙂

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